Jan. 9th, 2016


Jan. 9th, 2016 08:32 pm
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Very busy so far. I'm off to the north Tuesday after work, so I've had to do loads from losing those days

- starting with 30 mins messing about with train tickets to find an affordable option
- laundry done and air drying in the spare room
- assignment due a week Monday done (needs a wee beta). This was such a painful write, then I got an idea, then the story told me what it was this morning, and I think it is ok, ish, which will do for now.
- paid work - I am half a day ahead havng done Monday morning's editing and cleared my inbox
- grocery shopping done
- calender and diary sent to dad

I also did a wee shop. Having found 6 lots of pasta sauce and 4 boxes of chilli tomatoes in the cupboard I have got more organised with an app called "OurGroceries", which lets you list what you have in cupboard, freezer, fridge, and move things you have run out of to the shopping list. There are fancier versions which let you add a sell by date but I have a very small fridge so not totally worth it.

Today's shop was £15 after vouchers
- 2 lots of licorice
- dark chocolate with candied orange
- 3 bags fizzy sweets
- tortilla chips (I do like nachos)
- 3 tins fried onions (I still loathe chopping onions)
- 3 packs plain passatta
- 3 tubs reduced coconut milk frozen icecream, bargain, got some mango coulis waiting for that :D
- litre alpro chocolate milk
- bananas
- grapes
- 2 lots casserole seasoning

I do look at that and wnder where the meals are, but then I have chilli beans and soy cheese to go with the tortillas, sausages to make sausage casserole, and a deep need for something icecream like. And you know; fruit is good for me. And I have a small mountain of frozen and tinned veg, pastry, meat replacements... it'll all work better now I know what I have, I hope! This week's "use ups" are tofu and bananas and grapes. The natural soy yogurt will probably cope until my return.

Tomorrow I am going to loungers for lunch. Eccentric decor and vegan food and good conversation.

I am so glad today ws productive, and I hope I sleep well tonight; I have been s very tired.

Off to bed with the Lakeland catalogue!


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