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1:08 in which Mordred appears and we are unsure what part he plays in DESTINY!

14:10 Gaius gives Merlin an anatomy lesson. Out of a book and stuff. for medicine stuff. No kink at all.

15:40 Merlin meets with cryptic dragon. Dragon is annoyingly cryptic. Surprise!

16:50 ill child is bare chested with a fever. This does Not Count.

27:25 Evil Uther has Morgana in a choke hold. This may be where Morgana starts turning,

32:22 Merlin meets cryptic dragon. Dragon is cryptic.

41:10 oh, no, THIS is where Morgana turns evil. Scarey eyes and everything.

42:10 Mordred's eyes are CGI-d mega blue and he stares hard at Arthur.

Shirts remain ON throughout.

1:09 in which you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you. But despite Excalibur appearing, there is no lake full of watery tart.

1:40 Arthur, having come of age, is crowned Prince of Camelot

2:15 dark rider on horseback leaps through a window, shattering it. He may be the black knight. He does not say Ni.

9:55 Owain loses battle against the black knight. Oops. should never have picked up the gauntlet. Next knight stands in line to die. Poor Sir Pellinor. Note all Arthur's men wear red.

12:00 wild handwaving of Arthurian legend.

13:25 the black knight is run through by a sword. He DOES NOT DIE! It is only a fleshwound! Sir Pellinor dies and Arthur is next in line

18:15 Arthur is practising swordplay by candleight in his v neck shirt. with, y'know. an actual sword. of metal. With a blade. Not any other kind of sword.

19:10 Uther says "evil" and sounds JUST LIKE Mr Gently Benevolent! Yay!

26:05 Merlin talks to dragon. Dragon helps make a sword. This is not involving a lake.  Dragon is also not cryptic!

35:30 Uther fights instead of Arthur. Uther is very brave and victorious!  Then Uther looks a little old and tired.

36:30 Shirtless Uther is healed by Gaius. Shirt back on at 36:50

37:20 Uther declares something like affection for Arthur and is Not Witholding!

39:30 Dragon shouts at Merlin until he gets out of bed. Dragon is cryptic. It had to happen.

41:40 Merlin throws sword into lake.

9 episodes in and no shirtless Arthur. I am beginning to think it is a myth.
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1.06 in which Justin Rhind Tutt plays a minor variation on himself again, and Morgana should by rights become Spiderwoman, but doesn't.

07:43 Arthur offers his manservant to JRT. Emmzzi sniggers again.
26:05 Gaius has a chat with the dragon. About DESTINY! Dragon is bitchy, not cryptic.
31:40  appearance of Arthur's v neck

Shirts remain ON throughout

1:07 in which Morgana has dreams about Arthur drowning, and the murderer turns up. There's a lake, but sadly, it is not the lake story.

5:50 Morgana does exceptionally bouncy chested walking.
8:30 Morgana has a chest heaving dream. This may be an episode mainly for the dads.
14:42 Arthur gets peck on the cheek from scary Sofia.
19:00 Sofia bewitches Arthur. (This is the Merlin equivalent of Cally being possessed in B7)
21:57 chaste kissing on lips, Arthur and Sofia
27:55 Uther FORBIDS! the wedding! And encourages Arthur to sow wild oats.
35:00 Arthur is led into a lake. By a lady. But not like that. And he is in chain mail, so it isn't Colin Firth like at all.
35:40 soul removing style kiss.
Note: on being rescued Arthur fails to cough up water in the traditional spluttery manner. also, he wears a shirt in his sick bed.

Shirts remain ON throughout
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1:03 In which Gwen's dad gets ill and the only way to heal him is with top secret sorcery, and Arthur searches Merlin's room for signs of forbidden sorcery and reveals what a useless D.I. he'd be by missing the Giant Book of Sorcery hiding under a shirt.

29:15 cryptic dragon is irritatingly cryptic about the elements. Merlin is irritated.

37:45 appearance of multiteethed lizard skinned monster

38:30 confirmation monster is mainly covered in treacle

39:30 monster is dead. Creepy witch from the Corrs is upset.

40:00 Gaius again pronounces "sorcerer" as "sauserer" - one assumes they make mystic sausages.

42:40 first melodramatic "Merlin you will pay for this!" from the Corr.

All shirts remain ON throughout episode.

1.04  in which Merlin wears ceremonial robes which involve a giant feather hat and after that nothing much else matters.  Well.. Damien Knox, the comics editor from Spaced, turns up with some soldiers, Merlin almost dies, and Arthur runs off to pick flowers to save him against the will of Controlling!Uther.

21:25 Arthur kills many CGI pixels in the woods

26:20 Merlin makes a magic ball which gives Arthur super strength.

30:00 Arthur has his shirt on but the v neck has grown absurdly long.  All he needs is a medallion. Uther locks him in a cell. THERE IS ANGST!!

35:30 Gaius does magic.

36:38 Merlin is dead for a bit. Gaius/Gwen blame fest. Then he isn't dead.

37:35 Gwen/Merlin kiss.

41:40 Uther says he is proud of Arthur!

All shirts remain ON throughout episode.

1:05 in which Lancelot (he likes to dance a lot!) appears! And has well defined cheekbones. That's the entire plot.

0:40 Lancelot fights GIANT pixels, then runs for it!

2:20 lifting of the bottom of Lancelot's shirt to look at his wounds.  2 slightly icky seconds.

10:23 there is measuring of Lancelot's chest - over his shirt!

13:40 Arthur in medallion shirt. With medallion.

26:10 knights fight CGI bird with swords, the arrow, for shooting in the air, not having been invented yet.

28:40 the CGI bird is made of MAGIC!

29:50 Gaius suggests Merlin uses magic to save Arthur in the name of DESTINY

38:03 Griffon jousting. Griffon collapses in a puff of magic.

42:00 Lancelot rides off into the distance

All shirts remain ON throughout episode, with minor lifting

Not much for the graph today.

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There has been a great deal of discussion of bare chests in the BBC TV series Merlin, and I was curious as to whether it was truly disproprtionate. hence, proper research!

I haven't done a rewatch since first showing, and as I really enjoy the show (and it is much easier to follow than Who) now seemed like the time. Also, all the real flame fires are very cosy for this time of year!

Later there may be graphs.

episode 1:01
In which Merlin arrives in Camelot, learns King Uther is not keen on magic, picks a fight with Arthur and ends up working for him.

25:48 Merlin removes his shirt so Gaius can tend to his wounds after a fight with Arthur. More back than chestage and purely medicinal. continues until 26:47. (59 seconds)

41:05 first use of word "Manservant." Emmzzi sniggers. Unrelated to purpose of research.

episode 1:02
In which Gaius catches Merlin using magic all the time and is cross, there is a tournament, King Uther is a withholding father, and much misdirection flirting occurs.

1:45 Jambo from Hollyoaks appears. Emmzzi is confused.

11:57 first apprearance of Giant Snake Metaphor.

31:20 Merlin asks cryptic dragon for a straight answer and seems surprised by not getting one.

40:45 Arthur kills someone.

Shirts remain on throughout, even in hospital scenes.

More soon...


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