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Hello, thank you for participating in yuletide!

If tere is a squick free story of your heart you would like to write, PLEASE DO THAT! I love these universes and would love stories set in them even more so if you wrote what your heart chose.

My fandom prompts this year are:-

Westworld. The hosts are taking over, right? Flashbacks of the same things a hundred times have to have an impact. Or what if they build their own hosts to amuse themselves - what would that do? Are the new ones like an underclass? No mind wipes, one used and you're done? Or mind wipe the architects and trun them into hosts. Or find a way to age like the man in black. Or they all go mad now their god/creator is gone and find a new one. Or escape on the trains into the outside world where they hide out, Bladerunner style. SO MANY OPTIONS. Pick one or make up a new one? Basically I love the exploration of AI versus human intelligence, how both learn and react, and how that interplays.

Legion. What's Oliver been doing in the ice palace? How's his road trip with Lenny going? Or, something sweet about his courtship, in the world of hep cat. Maybe there's beat poetry. Maybe he kills Lenny with beat poetry?

Or, I'm slightly in love plutonically with Cary/Kerry. Backstory? Do they ever hide the other way round? How are they going to find their way back to each other again - if they ever do? What if he dies first (as he's old) - what happens to her?

The Thick of It. Creative swearing of any kind, in any plot. I exspecially like Malcolm/Jamie swearing, but as long as it's humorous, I'll go with whomever.

Do not wants: dub con non con, ickily graphic gore or common squicks. Show me hints, not the whole of the moon, especially if the moon is covered in blood.

Thank you for writing or me :-)

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This washing bowl which doesn't require upper arm strength to empty it is great for woolly limbed days


This rice/ stew cooker can be left alone while I do other stuff and means I can cook for one and have another dish the next day - no eternal leftovers


This futon is comfortable and folds into a very small space


The kindle paperwhite makes reading larger books more comfrtabe and had an easy on the eye backlight for reading in the dark


home vibration plates don't tone you up or make you thinner, but they do assist in recovery of fatigued limbs


Mar. 27th, 2017 05:47 pm
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I got the bus to work today.

I smiled at people.

I had some small amount of walking.

I left wik sharo to be sure to be in time to get the bus.

I bought oranges at the store on the way home.

Because work pay my parking it's slightly more expensive to get the bus than take the car. But I did like seeing who was walking their dog and doing what in the gardens without actually haing to, y'know, go for a walk.

I am going to see if I can get interesting buses to any other parts of town at the weekend, for entertainment!
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Smoked tofu stir fry - tonight dinner/ Monday lunch
Rice, beans and red pepper hummus - Monday dinner/ Tuesday lunch
Baked potato and vegan cheese - Tuesday dinner
Hummus and sandwich thins - Wed lunch
Pepper onion potato and corn polenta - Wed dinner, Thursday lunch
Baked potato and tofurkey sausages - Thursday dinner
Friday - out for lunch and dinner

Breakfasts - savoury mochi, porridge, avocados

Snacks - fruit, the soy yogurt mountain, miso soup

Drinks: squash, the coffee mountain. Am getting used to less diet soda in my life.

Food budget for April is £20 a week, because I have so much to use up! So into town on Saturday for fresh fruit and veg from the market (proved v cheap and great quality this week) and a trip to the wholefoods shop for tofu products.

As I am getting the bus to work this week, I won't be tempted by supermarket stops on the way home; it will only lead to more walking, which in current state of illness, is not wise.


Dec. 15th, 2016 05:23 pm
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I love that "Fix-it of sorts" is a tag.
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my world is boxes

there will be no broadband for a fortnight, just phone internet :/


Oct. 30th, 2016 08:26 pm
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 Cineworld 40/40 Dr Strange. It is obvious to ALL WOMEN he is a jerk from the time he opens his mouth. Please cut 30 mins of film explaining to jerks in the audience he is a bigger jerk than them. However, Tilda love.

Netflix 30/20 no change


Oct. 28th, 2016 10:18 am
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So, if i wrote my yulefic this weekend, I could do nano, yeah?


Oct. 19th, 2016 07:39 pm
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 Cineworld 39/40 Bridget Jones' Baby. Bridget looks normal for her age, hurrah.

Netflix 30/20 - Still Game S6? 7? Was marvellous.


Oct. 10th, 2016 10:04 pm
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 Cineworld 38/40 Girl on the Train AWESOME.

Netflix 29/20 - no change
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Thank you for participating in yuletide! I haven't for a couple years BC life but am so pleased to be back again - it's one of the bright lights of the holidays! And a special thank you for loving one of the fandoms of my heart. Write whatever gives you joy, although extreme fetish is not my cuppa. i like darkfic, I like curtainfic, I like most things inbetween.

Blades of Glory - one of the most under rated films of all time. I like the love/hate vibe, obviously. Some prompt ideas...
  • I'm fascinated by how the get the ideas forr their routines - who made the space costumes, at what moment did they realise they both had Flash in their hearts?
  • Do they go on to coach the first f/f skate team and break down gender discrimination in sports?
  • Does the iron lotus one day go HORRIBLY WRONG?
  • Or awesome costume arguments and fighting over the hairdryer.

Chronicles of St Marys
This is such a great series! Historical education, steampunk broken-down science, evil overlords pursuing you across time and space.... it has everything!
  • Any new perspective on a historic event would be fab - Wright brothers, the titanic, discovery of penicillin, the boston tea party, real robin hood - whatever you would like the setting to be.
  • The team are at their best when faced with a broken pod, a tea crisis and impending doom. So, big doom.
  • I'm also interested in stories from the point of view of the Time Police - how are they meant to do their job when those crazy historians can't keep to the most basic of rules?
Doesn't need to be across the whole series, if you've read one book, I can happily ignore all the before and after canon!

Better Call Saul - a series with so many blanks to fll in!
  • Tell me about one of Slippin' Jimmy's best scams
  • I'm a sucker for misery. What's life like at the Cinnabon? What's in his head as he mixes frosting?
  • Does Saul get a break, and get free?
  • Where does Kim end up, and with who?
  • What about all of the wives?

I hope that gives you some ideas to start things off; but really I will be delighted with anything in these glorious fandoms!


Sep. 27th, 2016 07:38 pm
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 Cineworld 37/40 Norma. Thrown by Vatican/Ikea setting. 

Netflix 29/20 - Lucy. ok. Sunday afternoon hangover film; the science is bad.


Sep. 18th, 2016 08:46 pm
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 I've been with the parents since Friday night.

Showed them a leaflet of the new place ("That's nice" - but they don't really get it); managed to get mum out into the garden for an hour, took dad out to buy a paper and get cash, did a lot of cooking, hoovered, restocked the freezer, drowned many fruit flies. I haven't eaten anything cooked here myself - I'm all prepackaged salads - because my immune system is too broken to risk it.

It is difficult knowing they are not really there inside their brains. Dad is mega forgetful and can't make many decisions, and mum's drugs are making her hallucinate. She knows things aren't real, but she still sees them. (Ponies in the living room, broken sofa, etc).

They offered to get me something for the house as a graduation gift, but really, it's just another cheque. I'm quite down about the whole graduation thing anyway; I don't think this will help.

In better news, I have signed them up for broadband, so that's a thing which will help. I can work here some occasional Mondays/ Fridays now. Dad has interpreted that as "more visits" instead of "longer visits", and I will cross that one when I get to it.

Kindle has kept me sane, and work tomorrow in Glasgow will be good; many nice people to visit.

Vegan food

Sep. 18th, 2016 08:56 am
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 When I first became vegetarian some 20 years ago, eating out was a world of vegetable lasagna and macaroni cheese, and that got better slowly overtime.

The vegan equivalents, today, are hummus/oilves/pita,  and superfood salad, or in less cosmopolitan places, a baked potato and beans.

I may have hummus fatigue by new year.

Best eaterie so far; wagamama. They are totally geared up for world of veganism, a well oiled adaptation machine. Second is Loungers, with a whole vegan menu, but it doesn't change very often. 

Here is hoping ti improves faster than vegetarian food did.


Sep. 13th, 2016 09:34 pm
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 Cineworld 36/40 Sausage Party. DO NOT SEE THIS. It was awful.

Netflix 28/20 - All of Being Human. I LOVE HAL.


Aug. 28th, 2016 08:43 pm
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 Cineworld 34/40 Bad Moms - stupid and funny and very sweary
35/40 War dogs - made of testosterone, great soundtrack

Netflix 27/20 - The Lobster. Pretty awesone. My crit. brain sparks back to life after the long summer.


Aug. 26th, 2016 07:29 pm
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 Cineworld 31/40 Nerve - surprisingly pacey and fresh
32/40 - Suicide Squad - meh. way too much datadump of backstory ruined the opening for me and I didn't come back
33/40 - David Brent: Life on the road. Saw on my own as no one would come with :)

Netflix 26/20 The Purge: Anarchy.  I wanted to see of the premise made any sense at all. It didn't.


Aug. 2nd, 2016 08:35 pm
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Cineworld 29/40 - Finding Dory
30/40 - Jason Bourne

Netflix 25/20 Small Houses

v excited for Nerve and Suicide Squad


Jul. 26th, 2016 07:52 pm
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Cineworld 25/40 - the AbFab Movie
26/40 - Now you see me 2
27/40 Star Trek: Beyond
28/40: Ghostbusters

Netflix static 24/20
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