Sep. 18th, 2016 08:46 pm
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 I've been with the parents since Friday night.

Showed them a leaflet of the new place ("That's nice" - but they don't really get it); managed to get mum out into the garden for an hour, took dad out to buy a paper and get cash, did a lot of cooking, hoovered, restocked the freezer, drowned many fruit flies. I haven't eaten anything cooked here myself - I'm all prepackaged salads - because my immune system is too broken to risk it.

It is difficult knowing they are not really there inside their brains. Dad is mega forgetful and can't make many decisions, and mum's drugs are making her hallucinate. She knows things aren't real, but she still sees them. (Ponies in the living room, broken sofa, etc).

They offered to get me something for the house as a graduation gift, but really, it's just another cheque. I'm quite down about the whole graduation thing anyway; I don't think this will help.

In better news, I have signed them up for broadband, so that's a thing which will help. I can work here some occasional Mondays/ Fridays now. Dad has interpreted that as "more visits" instead of "longer visits", and I will cross that one when I get to it.

Kindle has kept me sane, and work tomorrow in Glasgow will be good; many nice people to visit.

Date: 2016-09-21 08:45 am (UTC)
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It's hard. You're doing really well by them.

I'm sorry you're feeling down about graduation. Is it the graduation ceremony specifically? Or finishing the course?


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