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Thank you for participating in yuletide! I haven't for a couple years BC life but am so pleased to be back again - it's one of the bright lights of the holidays! And a special thank you for loving one of the fandoms of my heart. Write whatever gives you joy, although extreme fetish is not my cuppa. i like darkfic, I like curtainfic, I like most things inbetween.

Blades of Glory - one of the most under rated films of all time. I like the love/hate vibe, obviously. Some prompt ideas...
  • I'm fascinated by how the get the ideas forr their routines - who made the space costumes, at what moment did they realise they both had Flash in their hearts?
  • Do they go on to coach the first f/f skate team and break down gender discrimination in sports?
  • Does the iron lotus one day go HORRIBLY WRONG?
  • Or awesome costume arguments and fighting over the hairdryer.

Chronicles of St Marys
This is such a great series! Historical education, steampunk broken-down science, evil overlords pursuing you across time and space.... it has everything!
  • Any new perspective on a historic event would be fab - Wright brothers, the titanic, discovery of penicillin, the boston tea party, real robin hood - whatever you would like the setting to be.
  • The team are at their best when faced with a broken pod, a tea crisis and impending doom. So, big doom.
  • I'm also interested in stories from the point of view of the Time Police - how are they meant to do their job when those crazy historians can't keep to the most basic of rules?
Doesn't need to be across the whole series, if you've read one book, I can happily ignore all the before and after canon!

Better Call Saul - a series with so many blanks to fll in!
  • Tell me about one of Slippin' Jimmy's best scams
  • I'm a sucker for misery. What's life like at the Cinnabon? What's in his head as he mixes frosting?
  • Does Saul get a break, and get free?
  • Where does Kim end up, and with who?
  • What about all of the wives?

I hope that gives you some ideas to start things off; but really I will be delighted with anything in these glorious fandoms!


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